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[Magazine] Excellent enterprise - Hongseong Industrial Company Ltd.

 Looking for excellent enterprise - Hongseong Industrial Company Ltd.

 Chungchungbukdo Government Magazine  May 2010. 


Hongseong Industrial Co., Ltd.

A professional technology-oriented advanced composite material manufacturer

Founded in 1987, Hongseong Industrial Co.,Ltd. has developed aluminum composite panel (the first in Korea) and introduced Architecks products to the underdeveloped domestic construction interior and exterior material market.

The aluminum composite panel, which is used for the exterior design of office building, has dominated the domestic market (over 50% in market share) for two decades since its development.

To make a big step forward, the company has set its eyes on shipbuilding and engaging in the railroad market. In particular, it has focused in developing the start-of-the-art parts of cruise ship, a potentially high-revenue business aspect of the future shipbuilding industry. With its unwavering commitment to take on challenges, Hongseong keeps making its best efforts to help Korea maintain its great reputation as a global leader in the shipbuilding industry.






The pioneering spirit to enter a new and unknown market


Since the market launch of the aluminum composite panel by Hongseong Industrial Co., Ltd., many rival companies began making their respective version of the product. However, President Kim Byeong-sik developed continuous production facilities (CMF) to produce a honeycomb panel in an automated system instead of manually producing beehive-shaped ultra-light panels. In addition, the company developed a new product with minimal production of smoke and toxic gases in a dire. In 2005, Hongseong participated in a Seoul subway car interior material improvement and repair project as a supplier, which opened a new business opportunity in the subway market. His bottomless eagerness to develop new products, his strength of character and his hard work all made him into such a luminary in the industry.








Technology comes first before people

Hongseong Industrial Co.,Ltd. was founded in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do in 1987. At that time, there was nothing but a mountain near the production site. In 1992, soon after the development of Goesan Agricultural and Industrial Complex, the company relocated into the complex. The production of aluminum composite panel (exterior panel for office buildings), which had been fully imported from foreign countries, was localized by Hongseong Industrial Co.,ltd.. Empowered by its product's superior quality, Hongseong focused on both the domestic and overseas markets. For technology development, Hongseong has invested over 10% of its annual sales in R&D activities.

As uniqueness and diversity becomes more and more important in architectural design, Hongseong, the first developer aluminum composite panel in Korea, has developed an advanced beehive-shaped honeycomb panel. As the first company to develop this groundbreaking product, the company encountered much difficulty in product development. The honeycomb panel's development, for instance, took four years to design and complete. It was eventually produced through a process similar to the continuous automobile production line. With this brand-new product, Hongseong was awarded with the Industrial Service Medal at the "Excellent Capital Item Development Awards 2005' organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy and the Korea Machine Industry Promotion Association.

After going through a great number of trial and errors, the company proudly released 'Hivetecks', a new brand of honeycomb panel. In addition, it has developed many other composite materials such as the emboss-shaped 'Embotecks', corrugated panel, the nonflammable material 'Magboard' and natural marble-patterned aluminum composite panel. All these developments have been possible because of advanced technology of the Hongseong Composite Material Research Center, which is staffed with about 10 researchers with master's and Ph.D. degrees, aside from the guidance, hard work and determination of President Kim.


Unwavering commitment to enter an unknown world

'Architecks' : an extraordinary exterior material

Hongseong's Architecks is a sandwich-type aluminum composite panel in which resin is laminated in-between thin aluminum sheets. This exterior construction material is light and easy to use.

When it was first locally produced and released in the market in 1998, the new material's potential was greatly doubted. However, Hongseong eventually succeeded in supplying it in huge construction projects such as Yongsan KTX Station, Gangnam Express Bus Terminal, Gwangan Daegyo (Bridge) and BEXCO. After all, Hongseong has developed into the best aluminum composite panel manufacturer in Korea.

Now, the company is evolving into one of the world's leading businesses by winning huge construction bids all over the world, such as the Highway Intersection in Shenyang (China), Car Dealer shop in Sap Paulo (Brasil), Penthouse in Indonesia and a huge airport project in the Middle East.

Setting its sights beyond the construction industry and focusing on the railway market

Based on its in-depth and well-earned know-how, advanced technology and decent reputation in the production of composite materials, Hongseong started to penetrate the railway market. When the Daegu Metropolitan City decided to replace the interior materials of subway cars with non-flammable materials after the occurrence of the Daegu Subway Fire in 2003, Hongseong participated in the national project (worth USD 100 million in total; USD 46.3 million with KORAL, USD 40 million with Seoul Subway, USD 10.7 million with Busan Subway and USD 3 million with Incheon Subway) with its non-flammable composite panel. Hongseong's non-flammable composite panel, which has passed a strict Japanese official safety test on earthquake, typhoon, fire and other accidents and earned a patent in Japan, has emerged as one of the leading export items of the company.

Hongseong also owns about 80 domestic and oversea parents. Recently, the company has been approved as a supplier of Hyundai Rotem, a global rail vehicle manufacturer. As a result, it has supplied outfit parts to Malaysia, Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Scepter Corporation in the U.S. As railway is a mass means of transportation, it requires a high level of quality and safety. The fact that the light and state-of-the-art Hongseong material has been supplied to the railway industry stands as proof of Hongseong's world-class products.

The future depends on the cruise industry

The Korean government and leading domestic shipbuilders have set its eyes on the cruise industry as a new growth engine as it is an extremely high-value-added business. Domestic shipbuilding companies have been reluctant to enter the cruise ship market because of poor design capability despite their advanced shipbuilding technology. As this "luxury hotel at sea" usually features staterooms, restaurant, casino, night club, golf range and even an ice skating rink, more than half of the price tag of a cruise ship goes to interior design and associated items.

Therefore, Hongseong has engaged in developing cruise interior and accommodation equipment as anticipation of the time Korea is able to locally manufacture cruise ships. The company has also participated in the government-led parts and materials development project and mid- and long-term technology development project. All around the world, only few companies are capable of producing state-of-the-art composite materials for the construction, railroad and shipbuilding sectors. Based on the willingness to embrace challenges, strict management, outstanding labor force and advanced technology, Hongseong keeps concentrating on technology development for better and brighter future.

Hivetecks (Honeycomb Panel)

Hivetecks is an industrial interior and exterior panel that is made by inserting a beehive-shaped honeycomb core into the gap between aluminum sheets. It was first developed based on aircraft materials that have been in use since World War . At present, this state-of-the-art, lightweight-structure material is widely used across the construction exterior and interior material industries as well as in ship, train, automobile impact absorption apparatus, generation of wind power and printing.


Embotecks is an emboss-shaped panel with the outstanding structural strength of the beehive structure of its honeycomb core. For example, Embotecks 4T and the ripple-patterned structural core panel Embotecks 6T are superior in lightweight and rigidity.

Honeycomb Core

This beehive-structured composite material has been widely used in many industries, such as in the production of panel core, furniture, reinforced panel, panel, filter, composite marble, wall, flooring material, automotive interior material, sound absorbers, soundproof and interior design. This material is very smooth, ultra-light, durable, strong, soundproof and waterproof.


This panel is made by laminating polyethylene resin between aluminum sheets. Coated with highly durable fluorine (PVDF) on the aluminum surface, it is very durable, flat and light. Due to its outstanding processability and constructability, it is widely used in construction and remodeling works. Hongseong Architecks has become the standard aluminum composite panel in Korea and has satisfied diverse customer needs and demands with 30 different colors of coil.


Plymetal panel is a structural panel that is widely used across industries. This metal-finished or decorative-laminated panel is available in various types (e.g., structural plywood, balsa plywood, phenol laminate, foamed aluminum) to meet the diverse industrial needs and demands.  In the past, all such panels in Korea were imported from overseas.

This material is used for floors, partition walls, doors in train vehicles, airfreight that require lightweight materials, such as super yachts and cruise liners. The manufacture of these diverse panels has been made possible by Hongseong Industrial Co.,Ltd.'s extensive research and technology development activities. In fact, they have become essential in the construction, railway train, and shipbuilding industries.

Skytecks U-profile ceiling system

This U-profile ceiling material shows how a simple ceiling material can transform a common indoor space into a dynamic and lively space. This nonflammable aluminum profile is available in diverse patterns, such as anodizing or sheet. With a lumber attachment, this is aluminum material has been substituted for wood materials. In other words, Hongseong has developed a 100% woodlike nonflammable aluminum material based on its great know-how and advanced technology. The company originally targeted the development of a ceiling material, but it was also perfect for interior walls. This product has been praised by many domestic interior designers.

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