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[Magazine] Cruise & Passenger Ship Symposium participated

President Mr. Kim is participated in 'Cruise &

Passenger Ship' Symposium in Renaissance Seoul hotel.

KORSHIP Magazine  April 2, 2010.


The symposium 'Cruise & Passenger Ship Interiors and Measures for Cultivating the

Manpower' took place in Renaissance-Seoul Hotel

(Diamond ballroom I on the third floor)

on 14:00 April 02, 2010.

The symposium titled 'Cruise & Passenger Ship Interiors and Measures for Cultivating the Manpower' was held at the Diamond ballroom I on the third floor of Renaissance-Seoul Hotel, which was organized by the Korea Shipbuilders' Association and sponsored by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources Development Service of Korea.

This symposium which was held in a bid to explore the measures related to cruise ship synonymous with high value added ship began with the welcome address by Han Jang-seop, vice-chairman of the Korea Shipbuilders' Association, and the congratulatory address by Cho Yeong-il, director of Human Resources Development Service of Korea.

Gwon Oh-yoon, the director of the Korea Shipbuilders' Association reported on the results of the 'Cruise & Passenger Ship Interiors and Project for Cultivating the Manpower' and made a presentation on the current progress of the project.

Han Jang-seop, vice-chairman of the Korea Shipbuilders' Association, remarked in his welcome address, "It is considered urgent to build cruise ship, one of the next generation ships, if the Korean shipbuilding industry is going to over come the external challenges and attain continuos growth.

For than, a foundation should be laid for the supply of specialized manpower, as well as the development of technology for the interiors."

He went on saying, "To build cruise ships successfully, we need to ratchet up the competitiveness in various industries, such as interiors, equipments and materials, finishing materials, as well as shipbuilding industry.  Among others, we have to secure specialized manpower necessary for the high quality interior works. 

In relation to that, we will seek the way of building cruise ships with the support of the Ministry of Labor and the supportive project of the Education and Training Innovation Center.  I hope that this symposium will provide ample opportunities for exchanging the information and ideas through discussion which comes on the heels of the presentation on the themes by the experts in the interiors of cruise ship, presenting a vision for the cultivation of talented manpower in the field of interiors."

During the symposium, Vittorio de Jorio made a presentation title ' Architect, Cruise Ship, Interior Works: The Dream Comes True?' which was followed by the presentation 'New Challenge for the Interior Works of Large Passenger Ship' which was delivered by Kim Il-seok, general manager of STX Offshore and Shipbuilding. 

The third presentation was made by Hwang Seong-bok, director of Gukbo Design, in relation to the 'Measures to Foster Multi-Functional Manpower for Ship Interiors."

When those three presentations were completed, a panel discussion began, which was presided by Byeon Ryang-seon, a professor at Doowon Technical College, in relation to the theme titled 'Looking Beyond the Cruise Interiors in Korea', and joined by Mr. Vittorio de Jorio of De Jorio Design Int'l, Kim Il-seok, general manager of STX Offshore and Shipbuilding, Han Dong-hoon, director of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Lee Chang-geun, President of Uone Design, and

Kim Byung Shik, President of Hongseong Industrial Co., Ltd.

The panel discussion was followed by dinner, and this symposium on the 'Cruise & Passenger Ship Interiors and Measures for Cultivating the Manpower' concluded.

The symposium 'Cruise & Passenger Ship Interiors and Measures for Cultivating the Manpower' was instrumental in highlighting the importance of cruise industry and laid a groundwork for the advancement of Korean shipbuilding industry, and furthermore, provided a good opportunity for putting the level of the equipment, material, and finishing material interior sectors of Korea on a par with that of Europe which has dominated those sectors so far.

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