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Namchuncheon Station, Korea
최고관리자 2023-01-06
 Project Year of completion
NamChuncheon Train Terminal2005 / 2016
Location Material 
Chuncheon, KoreaArchitecksSea wolf 4,300

Long distance to short distance

      between Seoul and Chuncheon


Due to parallel double tracking between Seoul, capital city of Korea and ChunCheon city, central and local government made new train terminal as well as new more train commuters. Hogseong has supplied ARCHITECKS FR aluminum composite panel to New NamChunCheon train terminal exterior claddings.


220 meters long length of Namchuncheon terminal is covered sea wolf colored aluminum composite panel manufactured by Hongseong Industrial Company's product.  Otherwise, Hongseong has various business sectors; railway cabin, marine & offshore, home appliances and other special sectors.  Seoul-Chuncheon commuter locomotive made by Hyundai Rotem company has chosen Hongseong's train interior panel as partition wall and ceiling panels. 



This project is abnormal case for domestic market which runs 2nd floor locomotives with current railway systems like same width of railroad. The capital city of Korea, Seoul and Chunchun city which located in 70 kilometers away from Seoul, famous for sightseeing city, especially for young people.