Hongseong can solve your lightweight requirements in various business sectors!

Diverse Product Designs
- Together with Hongseong Industrial's Clad Metal Panels


Flooring (Light weight railcar floor)
Hongseong's railway car floor board can be substituted old fashioned plywood which is rotten weakness, mortar which is heavy
weight flaws. Hivetecks honeycomb panel or plymetal panel will be suitable choice for your railway car floor material.
Floor reference
KTMB Malaysian 30 cars
Hivetecks® honeycomb panel
Linear motor car 8 cars
Plymetal B100 (balsa cored sandwich panel)
Wagon car 12 cars
Hivetecks® honeycomb panel
honeycomb panel
Plymetal B100
Balsa cored composite panel
Plymetal V100
Plywood composite panel
Plymetal STS
Stainless composite panel
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