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Bitexco Financial Tower, Vietnam
최고관리자 2023-01-06
  Project Bitexco Financial Tower   Sub-Contractor Eagon Korea
  Location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam   Year of Completion  2010
  Design Carlos Zapata Studio
  Material Architecks  Fr STS dull  7,200m2

BITEXCO Financial Tower,
 Trademark of Hochiminh City


Bitexco Financial Tower is 68 floors of office space, 6 basement floors of parking and a 5-floor retail podium. 100,000 square meters of commercial space, and is located in Ho Chi Minh city.  Total estimated cost of this project is more than $220 million USD. Upon completion, Bitexco Financial Tower will be the tallest building in Ho Chi Minh City, reaching 265.5m in height.  

The tallest building in Vietnam will still be the Kyungnam Hanoi Landmark Tower at 336m.  However, as far as the number of floors is concerned, Bitexco Financial Tower will have the most number of floors in Vietnam.


Designed by New York architect Carlos Zapata Studio and carried forward by AREP of Paris, build by Hyundai Construction, cladding by Egan Korea.

The design is inspired by the lotus petal, the national flower of Vietnam and its sleek form has a narrowed footplate and three- dimensional growth as the tower rises.   A Heliport and observation deck will be constructed on the 56th floor and a sky lounge on the 55th floor with 360 degree views of Ho Chi Minh City.


Hongseong Industrial Company has supplied over 7,200 m2 of ARCHITECKS Stainless Composite Panel to Bitexco Tower project.

Hongseong Industrial Company, international high-qualified aluminum composite panel manufacturer and supplier since 1987, has sustain various colors of its aluminum coils, and enough facilities can reduce delivery time.  Over 60,000 projects in worldwide as well as domestic, a good reliabilities are the main reason for customer's choice when they considering aluminum composite panel.

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