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Bexco Convention Center, Busan
최고관리자 2023-01-06
  Project Bexco Convention Center   Sub-Contractor n/a
  Location Busan, Korea   Year of Completion  2008
  Design n/a   Material Architecks  4T Silver  6,000m2
Damping Board  2.2T Silver  2,200m2

BEXCO Center,

Exhibition meca in Busan, Korea 

When 2002 Worldcup Soccer Game eve night has held in BEXCO, this center was spotlighted to all over the world. Architecks aluminum composite panel consumed 6,000m2 and another product Dampaing Board applied 2,200m2 for this project.   

BEXCO center needs state-of-the-art image from the building and implement for this issue, they choose Damping Board and Architecks from Hongseong Industrial.


Damping board is consists of two aluminum sheet; 1.9mm thick and 0.2mm thick with special dampering function adhesive for bonding two different alloy aluminum. Because it has special function for sound deadening and EMI shielding so as to match same lot of metallic silver color Architecks and Damping Board from the same manufacturer.


Damping Board has same Kynar-500 series of PVdF painted surface aluminum and its composite structure has ability to maintain panel flatness and different alloy makes easier fabrication compare to al composite panel or aluminum solid sheets.   Pre-painted post-fabricated system is more flexible system to importers or fabricators compare to pre-fabricated post-painted like aluminum solid sheet.   

When fabricating, Damping Board does not need welding for cornering of the panel, so called, weldless fabrication system.   It helps to prevent from wetting and rusting. Moreover composite structure enable to be more stiffness and flatness to plank panel shape.