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Sono Calm(MVL Hotel), Yeosu
최고관리자 2023-02-13
  ProjectSono Calm, Yeosu Sub-ContractorDaemyung Enc
 LocationYeosu, Jeonnam  Year of Completion 2011
  ConsultantByeoksong Engineering  MaterialArchitecksWhite(HS-114) 3,600

5 star MVL hotel in Yeosu,
ArchitecksACP Embodied beautiful curves 

Yeosu MVL Hotel is a five-star hotel with 311 rooms in a 26-story building and is the best hotel and building located in Yeosu. MVL, which stands for "Most Valuable Life," is located in the third pier of Yeosu New Port, where Odongdo Island is located, and had attracted attention as it operated as a state-class VIP hotel at the Yeosu Expo held in 2012. The current name has been changed to Hotel Sonokam Yeosu.

The architectural motif of Hotel Sonocalm Yeosu embodies the sail spread out in a peaceful sea. It is the most prominent building around Odongdo Island, with the low-rise and streamlined high-rise parts that express dynamic waves combined with the surrounding scenery. The reason why it has been established as Yeosu's representative hotel so far is because of its large size, the ocean view overlooking Yeosu's beautiful sea, and modern architectural style. 

In Hotel Sonocalm Yeosu, Hongseong Industrial's Architecks White (HS-114) color was adopted. The white Architecks aluminum composite panel with fluororesin coating appears to be the best material to embody a white sail.

Through the first continuous line facility of aluminum composite panels in Korea, it satisfied the needs of customers by manufacturing a large number of panels and complying with the delivery date. Even though much time has passed since the building was built, it still boasts a clean appearance through excellent weather resistance.

In addition to the single color, Hongseong's aluminum composite panel can implement patterns such as wood and stone patterns, and also has the advantage of adding various functions such as hydrophilic coating and ceramic coating to the surface.