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Saudi Arabia Railway Stations
최고관리자 2023-01-06
  Project Saudi Arabia Railway Station   Sub-Contractor Sowon Construction
  Location Riyadh to Al Haditha, KSA   Year of Completion  2014
  Design n/a   Material Architecks  4T Bright Silver 206,500m2

North-South Railway 6 Stations in Saudi Arabia

The SAR project, formerly known as the North-South Railway (NSR), is the world's largest railway construction in Saudi Arabia and the longest route of 2,750km long.  The SAR Project consists of two main lines, one originating in Riyadh running northwest toward Al Haditha near the Jordanian border. 

This line will pass through Majma’a, Qassim, Hail and Al-Jawf. The second main line running from Al-Jalamid mine in the Northern province and then passing by Al-Jawf and Hail until a point referred to as "AlBaithah Junction," in Qassim province then going east to the processing and export facilities in Ras AlKhair in the Eastern province on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. 


The new railway will link the Saudi capital Riyadh with important harbour cities such as Jubail as well as industrial mineral mining, farmland and residential areas across Saudi Arabia. The industrial line is a 1,486km rail line from Al Jalamid (phosphate belt) in the north to Al Azbirah (bauxite belt) in the centre of the country and will run eastwards to the processing and export facilities at Raz Az Zwar. The 1,418km passenger line runs from Riyadh and passes through industrial stations in Sudair, Al Quassim, Hail, Al-Jawf and Al -Basyata to Al Haditha.  The project commenced in 2005 and is expected to be completed by 2014.

A consortium of Louis Verger, Sysra, Canarail and Saudi Consolidated Engineering was appointed as the project implementation and supervision consultancy on a 75-month contract in 2004.  The consultancy completed the detailed engineering designs of the project in 2005. The largest contract, which is for the construction of five railway stations, has been signed with Saudi firm, Al Rashid Trading and Contracting Co. for 1.57 billion Riyals.


COWI was in charge of the overall project design review with construction works being carried out by Saudi, Chinese, Russian and Australian contractors. Besides challenges with the length of the railway line, the Saudi Arabian climate and natural environment have presented additional challenges to the project team. 

COWI carried out review of the entire project design including the operation plan which establishes, in part, the number of trains and maintenance depots as well as the design basis on which maximum speeds, geometric requirements, etc. were established.


On the heels of big project of New Doha International Airport, 176,000 sq.mts. of Architecks panel supplied.  Hongseong Industrial Company has supplied this SAR Saudi Arabia railway project over 206,500 m2 of ARCHITECKS Fr flame-retardant aluminum composite panels in middle east area. Architecks panel were applied to train station main terminal buildings and dome roof for 6 stations with double glazing structure with 500 meters length of station tunnels.


Architecks Fr fire-retardant aluminium composite panel is cladded to SAR 6 stations in Riyadh station, Majma'ah, Quassim, Hail, Al-Jawf, and Al-Qurayyat station in Saudi Arabia.

Hongseong Industrial Company, international high-qualified aluminum composite panel, brand named ARCHITECKS and honeycomb panel named HIVETECKS manufacturer and supplier since 1987, has sustain various colors of its aluminum coils, and enough facilities can reduce delivery time. 

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