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Qatar Hamad Int'l Airport
최고관리자 2023-01-06
  Project NDIA (New Doha Int'l Airport)   Sub-Contractor Taisei Corp. 
  Location Doha, Qatar   Year of Completion  2012
  Design HOK   Material Architecks  6T Silver metallic  176,000m2


An Exceptional Airport Design, 

Hamad International Airport, Qatar



Qatar had built a brand new replacement airport called Hamad International Airport, formerly known as New Doha International Airport (NDIA) since started in early 2004. The airport is being constructed 4km from the existing facility. The Steering Committee awarded the contract for the development of the airport to Bechtel.  The contract includes the design, construction management and project management of the new facilities. 

The terminal and concourses were designed by the architecture firm HOK. Engineering, Procurement and Construction contract for Phase I and II were undertaken by Turkish TAV Construction and Japanese Taisei Corporation. About 32 Contracts Packages are planned to be awarded to subcontractors.


The airport is being given oasis theming.  Many of the buildings will be water-themed, with waved roofs and desert plants being grown in recycled water.  The complex includes the MTB (Main Terminal Building), Concourses A, B and C, parking structures, a public mosque and plaza, a central utility plant, and access roadways. A three-story terminal building is also being constructed, including 40 gates and 350,000m² of floor space.


There will also be a suspended monorail system for transporting passengers throughout the terminals. APM (Automated People Mover) and Sterile Corridor with 550 meters of 4 parallel lines inside of the airport.  

Hongseong Industrial Company has supplied even fabricated sub-frame for composite panels and over 176,000 m2 of ARCHITECKS aluminum composite panels to NDIA project.  Half of the quantities were supplied fabricated shapes; reminder half quantities were supplied plain sheets to SOJV joint venture company and Alunasa, Alumco as sub-contractors in this project.


For this Hamad International Airport project, the specification of aluminum composite panel was high end level of the products; over 40 micron of PVdF, 3 coating system and over 20 microns of back service coated of the panel system. The fabrication process was complexity job ever before. Especially several round shapes covered by APM and Sterile corridor, the HOK had indicated the most difficult curve shapes in this field.


It was so time consuming and keen works. As a result of these difficult fabrication works, the gently curved wall provide an atmosphere that is more comfortable and less industrial than normal airport.



Hongseong Industrial Company, international high-qualified aluminum composite panel, brand named ARCHITECKS and honeycomb panel named HIVETECKS manufacturer and supplier since 1987, has sustain various colors of its aluminum coils, and enough facilities can reduce delivery time. 

Over 60,000 projects in worldwide as well as domestic, a good reliabilities are the main reason for customer's choice when they considering aluminum composite panel.

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