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Wave M East, Korea
최고관리자 2023-02-08
  ProjectWave M East  ContractorDaewoo Engineering & Construction
  LocationShiwha, West Sea of Korea  Year of Completion 2023
  Consultant-  MaterialArchitecks FR - 14,881m2  Silver

All Surfers are welcomed ! 

Wave M East


From a bird eye's view, you could witness the shape of the entire island, which is a giant turtle.   This island has been named 'MTV' (Multi Techno-Valley), an emerging industrial complex on the rapid rise now in South Korea.


'Wave M East' is located on this MTV island. Now it is in the spotlight due to its fast growth as a massive tourism cluster, which is specialized in marine leisure sports.   This building has 45,000m2 of total area space with 15 floors. It is expected that It would attract a flock of surfers and related visitors who need long-term stay in this complex.


To this project, we, Hongseong has provided 14,800 square meters of our product ‘Architecks’ aluminum composite panel as a building exterior.

Despite of harsh weather condition like strong salt wind and ultraviolet rays, ‘Architecks’ would solidly hang in there for long periods of time thanks to its sturdy weatherproof feature.

Further, its aesthetic impression which is realized by the sleekly coated surface by PVdF guarantees long lasting elegance.