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Dragon City Complex, Seoul
최고관리자 2023-01-06
  ProjectDragon City Hotel Complex  Sub-ContractorEunmin S$D
  LocationSeoul, Korea  Year of Completion 2023
  Designn/a  MaterialArchitecks  Fr STS Mirror   2,013m2

Hemisphere Architecture in Dragon City, Yongsan 

Dragon City has its own 'ㄹ' shape structure design which is the figuration of dragon's body shape.  It makes the Building a Landmark in the city of 'Yongsan' which name also symbolizes the shape of a dragon.  The Building has four basement levels, forty stories high and contains 1,730 rooms.  This massive volume makes Dragon city the first 'Hotelplex (Multi-purpose complex)' in South Korea.

Hongseong supplied ARCHITECKS mirror composite panel which is made of stainless steel mirror.  The Architecture also has processed in the form of hemisphere, which technique is needed a higher level of processing.   


The architecture has shown aesthetic excellence thanks to its luxurious texture of processed stainless material and it also guarantees semi-permanent durability. The structure's unique exterior makes a strong impression on potential customers who are visiting the Hotel.

Hongseong Industrial Company, international high-qualified aluminum composite panel, brand named ARCHITECKS and honeycomb panel named HIVETECKS manufacturer and supplier since 1987, has sustain various colors of its aluminum coils, and enough facilities can reduce delivery time. 

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