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Floating Art Museum, Korea
최고관리자 2023-01-06
  ProjectKim Hwan Gi Art Meseum  Sub-ContractorMBK Corp. 
  LocationShinan, Korea  Year of Completion 2023
  Designn/a  MaterialArchitecks  Fr STS 4T Mirror  5,000m2

 World First Floating Museum 

Kim Hwan-Gi  Art Museum

Kim Hwan-Gi Art Museum which will be the World's 1st floating art gallery is constructed in Shinan, South area of Korea.

The water surface area is Total 13 ha.  Above the water, the museum is built with 7 floating platforms which will be made of concrete materials.   There is 5 exhibition rooms and two more rooms for storage and office respectively.  Plus, separate bridges to link those platforms.


Hongseong supplied  5,000㎡ of ARCHITECKS FR composite panel to build the museum exterior cladding, which is mirror surface with stainless steel composite panel.   The architecture will be shown aesthetic excellence due to its luxurious texture of processed stainless material and it also guarantees semi-permanent durability.   

Unique exterior will make a strong impression on potential customers who will visiting the Art Gallery. Hongseong's higher level of processing technique made this special case possible.