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Aqua Planet, Ilsan
최고관리자 2023-02-13
  Projectaquaplanet, ilsan  ContractorHanhwa corporation
  LocationIlsan, Gyeonggido  Year of Completion 2013
  Designn/a  MaterialArchitecksⓇ Silver 14,500 

'Noah's Ark concept of the Hanwha Aqua Planet 

Following Yeosu and Jeju, the Ilsan Aqua Planet opened in 2014 after a period of 4 years and 5 months. Aqua Planet Ilsan, a four-story building in Daehwa-dong, Ilsan, has a 30-year-old domestic aquarium operating know-how from 63 Sea World and the first convergence aquarium in Korea where aquarium and zoo coexist.

Aqua Planet Ilsan implemented a zoo in the aquarium with the concept of Noah's Ark. It is the fourth largest in Korea, boasting twice the size of COEX and 4.3 times the size of the 63 Building Aquarium. Various outer decks are designed to remind visitors of the deck of a cruise, so that they can feel like they have left the voyage. In addition, a curtain wall shaped like a sea wave pattern and a design showing the streamline shape of the ship were implemented.

The Architecks composite panel of Hongseong Industrial Co., Ltd. was installed in a quantity of 14,500 square meters. Silver and Bone White (HS-111) were used as standard colors, and Light gray silver's custom colors were also used. Hongseong's aluminum composite panel has a polymer fluororesin coating on the surface to complete a beautiful appearance through a clean design as well as excellent weather resistance.

Hongseong's aluminum composite panel manufacturing line is a fully automated system that enables quality enhancement and excellent delivery time compliance through continuous mass production. Through these technologies and know-how, it currently has more than 60,000 domestic and foreign installation cases.