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Byulnae Station, Korea
최고관리자 2023-01-06
  Project Byulnae Station   Sub-Contractor -
  Location Namyangju, Korea   Year of Completion  2012
  Design -   Material Architecks  Fr 4T Ascot White  2,720m2
Architecks  Fr 4T Dove Gray    7,000m2


Spaceship shaped Station Upgrade


North area of Seoul, Namyangju has increased the populations nowadays. Local government made a decision for new train terminal, it was Byulnae terminal which is covered ARCHITECKS FR incombustible cored aluminum composite panel with white and dove gray color of approx. 3,000m2 for this project.


Aluminum alloy 3003 of an aluminum skins and standard PVdF surface with 27 microns makes the train terminal modern looking and vivid outlook.