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21st Century Building, Shenyang
최고관리자 2023-01-06
  Project 21st Century Building   Sub-Contractor Wondae Curtain Wall Ltd.
  Location Shenyang, China   Year of Completion  1999
  Design n/a   Material Architecks  4T  metallic silver  4,100m2
Architecks  4T  Bright Gold  18,000m2

Gateway of Northern China,

the 21st Century Building in Shenyang, China


The owner of this project, Shenyang city government, hoped city landmark in order to encounter 21st century as late 1998.   

The project name was '21st Century Building'.   This building has symbolic "O" space accent between the two big buildings. It means all chinese nation will together in 21st century.   

Approximately 22,000m2 of Architecks (ACM) materials were used on the project, which was completed in the December 1999.   Architecks is an aluminum composite panel which consists of two aluminum sheets of 0.5mm bonded to a thermoplastic core resin.


Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Ltd., one of the biggest aluminum fabricator and installer in China, selected ARCHITECKS aluminum composite panel because it can be easily fabricated with simple woodworking tools as well as it has durable everlasting PVdF paint finishes.   Various color choice of Architecks standard metallic can match future image of 21st century China.


The crisp, high-tech appearance of the canopies and walls add a significant features to the gateway design of Shenyang city.