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Pachinko Building, Nagoya
최고관리자 2023-02-02
  Project Pachinko building, Nagoya   Sub-Contractor Narita Co., Ltd.  Japan
  Location Nagoya, Japan    Year of Completion  2008
  Design n/a   Material Architecks  Fr 4T Silver Metallic  2,600m2

A Bold Design Pachinko Building in Nogoya 

It is national gambling, Pachinko, is easily found at Japanese street.  This project located in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, which is famous for industrial zone in Japan.  A bold design which is red vivid line aluminum composite panel with white colored background to stand out is enough to catch attracting attention.  Also, open-joint installation technology makes composite panel a three-dimensional effect.


In order to apply building exterior material in Japan, they requires specific Japanese Construction & building codes strictly.  Architecks Fr is also well acknowledged their constriction rules and satisfied with its regulations. 

Architecks Fr is an aluminum two skins and fire retardant cored composite material which is applied for building exterior, interior wall and ceiling, roofing and canopies.  Standard width is 1020, 1250 and 1575mm with customer sized length case by case.  Over 30 colors of metallic and sold color as well as customized matching color makes your project endless impressive, splendor or calm whatever you want. 

The manufacturer, Hongseong Industrial Co., the most long periods of composite panel manufacturing history in Korea since 1987 has many variety of building and housing proejcts in local Korea as well as international.   Gimpo Int’l airport, Incheon airport, Hamad Qatar airport, Sallala Oman airports are the most well known projects in airport references as well. 

Hongseong Indstrial Co., has an excellent merit to building designers and architects because the company produces 4 representative building materials; Architecks Fr is an aluminum composite panel with fire retardant core, Hivetecks is an aluminum honeycomb panel for lightweight, rigid, Embotecks is an alunminum corrugated core panel, Clad metal is double or triple layered metal sandwich panel without cores.   Those products are supported to architect who is hesitated to choose building exterior, interior materials whichever.  

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