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Kaepo Tunnel Wall cladding
최고관리자 2023-01-06
 Project   Year of completion
Kaepo Tunnel Wall Cladding 1997
Location   Material  
Kangnam, Korea Architecks White 4mm 2,300

Wall Cladding in Tunnel, Seoul

Like this project, Architecks aluminum composite material has as many excellent applications, for instance, escalator walling, ceiling, showroom decoration, pillars, signage as well as building exterior wall cladding. Kaepo Tunnel is an another example for its diverse application area.


Not like conventional tile material of tunnel inside, Architecks panel was applied inside wall facia in one of the tunnel in Kangnam area, Seoul, Korea. Architecks white colored of our standard color became good match for the looking and appropriate reflectance to the drivers. ARCHITECKS is durable and easy to install that help reducing project periods.

Like this project, Architecks has many excellent applications, for instance, escalator walling, airport moving walk walling, ceiling with and without some design of perforated shape for sound attenuation fields, soffit, fascia, office partition and so forth.


Hongseong Industrial Company has supplied Architecks panel 2,300m2 of this tunnel project. Aluminum alloy 3003 of an aluminum skins and standard white PVdF surface with 27 microns makes the tunnel modern looking and vivid outlook.


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