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Gwangan Bridge
최고관리자 2023-01-06
  Project Gwangan Bridge   Sub-Contractor -
  Location Busan, Korea   Year of Completion  2003
  Design -   Material ArchitecksⓇ Exotic Silver 4T 7,400

Landmark of Busan, Kwangan Great Bridge


The Kwangan Great Bridge, as a connector between Namchung-dong and Centem city in Busan, was elected across the in-front Busan port.    After 9 years of construction periods since 1994, the bridge, length of 7,420m was finished early 2003.


The gently curved panel along with the entrance of the bridge makes more comfortable and less industrial than plain covering.   Exotic silver colored 2,200m2 Architecks aluminum composite panel used for sound-proof wall of this bridge.   

As a role of sound control, Architecks has very small and numerous of open celled in thermoplastic cores according to it's registered patent.   Such small open cells protect sound-proof as well as excellent heat transmission.   Heat transmission of Architecks is 4.79 Kcal/m2h


Near by the sea, the Kwanan Great Bridge has severe atmosphere, for instance, air with salty, high wind pressure and typhoon area in summer, high level of ultraviolet rays and continuous fatigued condition of the panel itself. 

Protected by Kynar-500 resin with 2 coat or 3 coat system with the surface treatment and adhesive ability between core and metal should flexible for hot and cool weather for to be resistant to extremely bad conditions in the world.   

As a result of severe testing condition, Architecks has many projects in hot area as well as cold area in the world.  Architecks has 3 kinds of standard width 1020, 1250 and 1575mm and the length is depending on user's requirements. Available 3, 4, and 6 mm thickness.

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